First Baptist Church, in Milford, Ohio, saw the need and biblical command for Churches to pick up the mantle of printing scripture. As a result, the First Baptist Church opened up a printing shop; they also created an origination called Bearing Precious Seeds (BPS). BPS chose to started by printing only a portion of the Bible. This allows the Missionaries receiving the scripture to have more material to hand out. They prayerfully decided to print the books of John and Romans. The book of John focuses on God’s love for us, and Romans describes our need for a Savior.

Midwest Seedline - John & RomansSince BPS inception, many ministries have formed, such as Midwest Seedline. Still today, all the scriptures are printed in Milford, Ohio, and brought to Project Churches like yours for final assembly.

Here is what a Project Church does to compete the assembly of the scriptures, John and Romans.

First, the John and Romans are printed at the Bearing Precious Seed headquarters in Milford, Ohio. Then, the scriptures will be sent to Project Churches to be completed.

The Assembly Process:

Midwest Seedline - John & RomansEach John and Romans, has three parts: a cover, section A, and section B. When the Bibles first arrive at a Church, the covers will be in boxes. Section A and B, are printed join together with a perforation between the two sections. These sections are shipped on pallets of 600 units.

Stage1: Tearing Perforations

First, the perforations joining section A and B must be ripped apart and sorted into section A and section B stacks.

Stage 2: Collating

Once A and B are in two stacks; then, it’s time to collate them. This process has section B being placed inside of section A.

Stage 3: Cover Folding

Now, the covers need to be folded. Care is taken to get a straight crease in the center of the cover.

Stage 4: Covering

The assembled sections A and B will be placed inside of the cover. The John and Romans scriptures now contain all of the parts.

Stage 5: Stapling

Midwest Seedline - John & RomansThe different sections of the John and Romans will be stapled. This process can be completed with a big machine, as seen in the picture, or this can be done with smaller table top staplers.

Stage 6: Trimming

Almost done, now the John and Romans scriptures are taken to the trimmer machine. The trimmer machine cuts off the excess paper on three sides of the scriptures in one cut.

Stage 7: Boxing

The finished John and Romans are finally placed in a box. Each box can hold about 350 John and Romans. The boxes are all labeled with the scripture’s language and Project Church name. We also write the count number on the box and as a group we bless the box with a shout.

You’re done! These are the steps to complete a John and Romans.

Now, for the most important part of the assembly, your Church prays for these assembled scriptures. Pray that God will use these John and Romans to change lives for the glory of God!

Miles & Joanna Wallis

Midwest Seedline - Wallis Family

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