Midwest Seedline now has the equipment to assemble Whole Bibles. Currently Midwest Seedline is only assembling Whole Bibles at Talking Rock Road Baptist Church in Branson, Missouri. Pray for us to be able to bring this process to Project Churches in the future.

Below describes the process of completing a Whole Bible.

Midwest Seedline - Whole Bibles

In order to assemble a Whole Bible, a person has to properly assemble 20 different sections in the correct order. In order to maintain consistency throughout the entire project each section is laid out in order, then individuals walk around the table placing one section on top of the other. Once you have reached the end of the line you will be holding a Whole Bible in your hands!!!!

Midwest Seedline - Whole Bibles

Once the Whole Bible is assembled by hand, it is then proofed by another group of people to make sure that the Bible is in correct order and contains all the necessary pieces. After being thoroughly checked by hand the Whole Bible is then run through the machine. This machine will cut the attaching leaves on the paper, put glue on the spine, place a cover on it, fold the cover onto the Whole Bible, then drop out the finished product which can be cut to size and shipped off!!!

Midwest Seedline - Whole Bibles

This is an example of the finished product!!! This Whole Bible is now ready to be shipped off to our troops!!

Praise the Lord!

Miles & Joanna Wallis

Midwest Seedline - Wallis Family

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