Midwest Seedline provides an opportunity for the local church to participate in worldwide missions – from their own church building!

God has blessed Midwest Seedline with all that is needed to bring the necessary supplies, machines, equipment and the pre-printed materials to your church and lead you through a weekend ministry where the result can be as many as 18,000 Bibles (John and Romans) completed.

Midwest Seedline also operates this same function in between on-site ministry events at their home church, Talking Rock Baptist Church, in Branson Missouri. There, they produce Bibles (Whole Bibles, John/Romans, pocket size, special order and more) when not on the road. More than 100 million scriptures have been produced since they first began.

By working through and with a number of ministries and mission agencies who strive to share The Word both in the US and worldwide, Midwest Seedline has helped to ship The Gospel all over the world, in a very wide variety of languages.

Research has shown that these Bibles will pass through 7 people on average before becoming lost, warn out, or unreadable. Of those 7 people, each has the opportunity to learn The Gospel. More importantly, 1 in 7 will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. In effect, on average, each of these Bibles will result in 1 person being saved. We often help a church produce 18,000 Bibles (John and Romans) in a single weekend. Can you imagine – 18,000 people Saved as a result of a single weekend? While it may take a little time for each one to be shared by 7 people, that is still an incredible yield. And, as The Word says, we are not the harvesters – only the sowers. Let’s sow some seeds together!

If you would like to learn more about Midwest Seedline or even schedule a time for them to come to your church and partner with you to produce Bibles, please click on the Contact Us link at the upper right of this page.

Miles & Joanna Wallis

Midwest Seedline - Wallis Family

  • Over 628,000 Scriptures
    Produced in 2014
  • Over 7 Million Scriptures Produced as a Corporate Ministry in 2014
  • Scriptures Available in 46 Different Languages

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