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3 Ways You Can Get Involved

  • large-room-rolls-sm.JPGProject Church - This is a plan for a Church to be involved in Scripture Publishing without investing in any equipment. This is great to do as part of a Mission Conference, Bible Conference, or even a time just for this purpose. Your Church can choose on the language, quantity, and which Missionary to send the Scriptures to. Your contribution will cover the cost of the Sciptures, covers, boxes, etc. plus the expense of the Midwest Seedline Missionary to bring the equipment and guide the project. Midwest Seedline will furnish all equipment needed including staplers, cutter, etc. to complete the project. A special service may be held to dedicate the completed Scriptures. Since we are to start each in our own Jerusalem, we also suggest you make some for your Church to sow in your area.
  • volunteers-sm.jpgPlanted Church - When a Project Church has a desire to expand their involvement in Midwest Seedline they may form a partnership with the Printing Church to work weekly on Scripture Publishing, becoming a Planted Church. Members of a Planted Church volunteer their time to take what has been printed in Branson, Missouri, and finish assembling, trimming, boxing, and shipping. These Churches invest in their own equipment and cover the costs of paper as well as the production of the Scriptures they finish.

    By working together, Midwest Seedline and a Planted Churches help to create new beginnings for millions of people worldwide.
  • church-auditorium1sm.jpgPartnering Church - When a Planted Church takes the next step and becomes a Partnering Church, under the leadership of God, they begin to develop a network of Churches in their own area to help. They pool their human and financial resources to purchase paper and publish the Scriptures, working as the guide for their own team of churches.

    Midwest Seedline believes in the theory of multiplication. Our press can print millions of Bibles and Scripture portions each year. We can produce many more than we have volunteer help to finish. Willing Churches, with willing hearts, and willing hands are in great need. Missionaries desperately need the pure Word of God for their ministries; for they will not stand without it. The Partnering Church has a much greater potential of meeting that need.

Miles & Joanna Wallis

  • Over 628 Thousand Scriptures Produced in 2014
  • Over 7 Million Scriptures Produced as a Corporate Ministry in 2014
  • Scriptures Available in 46 Different Languages

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